The Owen Barfield Society

Meetings of the Society


The Owen Barfield Society is an affiliate organization of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA), and its meetings are held in conjunction with those of the RMMLA. The affiliation is described in the attached document.

The inaugural meeting of the Owen Barfield Society was held on 4 October 2007 in Calgary, Alberta Province, Canada. A report of the meeting is attached. Photographs of the meeting, kindly provided by Danny Smitherman, are posted below.

A report is attached of the Society's 2008 meeting, which was held on 11 October 2008 in Reno, Nevada.

In 2009 the Owen Barfield Society held two meetings. The first of these was a special meeting, focusing on Reminiscences of Owen Barfield. Owen Barfield's grandson and namesake, Owen A. Barfield, presented "A Grandson's Reminiscences, Reflections, and Photos". On the following day, Friday, the 9th of October, the Society held its 2009 business meeting. The business meeting included a "book club" style discussion of Owen Barfield's ecological novel Eager Spring (2008; second edition, with revisions, 2009) as well as reports and brainstorming concerning the Society's online forum and e-journal. Both meetings were held under the auspices of the 2009 Convention of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association in Snowbird, Utah.

The Society's 2010 meeting took place on the evening of 15 October in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The highlight of this meeting was Bill Johnson's reading of an excerpt from his just-published book A River Without Banks. There also was a spirited discussion of Barfield's The Rose on the Ash-Heap.

In 2011, the Society met in Scottsdale, Arizona. During this meeting, which was held on the 6th of October, Karen Bailey opened a significant new perspective on Owen Barfield's poetics through her presentation on eurythmy, the new art form inaugurated one hundred years ago by Rudolf Steiner; Barfield composed most of his poems with eurythmy in mind. In addition, members discussed Barfield's 1950 work of creative nonfiction, This Ever Diverse Pair.

The focus on Barfield's creative nonfiction and on eurythmy as an essential element of his work continued in the Society's 2012 meeting, which was held on the 13th of October in Boulder, Colorado. This meeting centered on Worlds Apart: A Dialogue of the 1960s.

In 2013, the Society held two gatherings. In the Society's business meeting, the third book in Barfield's "Burgeon trilogy," Unancestral Voice, was a principal focus of attention. The Society also offered a special showing of the award-winning documentary film Owen Barfield: Man and Meaning. Both of these events took place on the 10th of October in Vancouver, Washington, under the auspices of the 2013 RMMLA Convention.


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